The Key Differences : GitLab vs GitHub vs bitbucket

  • It has made easier to manage large projects.
  • It helps you to avoid overwriting the team’s advances and work.
  • With git, you just pull the entire code and history to your system. It’s much simpler and much more lightweight.
  • Working Directory (Untracked): All the modifications are done in this stage to the files, but is not part of git’s version control. So, to make files part of git version control we use the below command #git add or #git add . (dot means everything).
  • Staging (Staged): All the files have been added to git’s version control and are tracked by git, but changes have not been committed, so to commit changes we use following command #git commit -m “commit message”.
  • Committed: All the changes has been committed.
  • Git tracks state, history and integrates of the source tree.
  • Git keeps old versions for you if any developer occurs any mistake in code, then you will always have the previous version to fix it.
  • Multiple developers can work together, once they write code in their local machine and commit it then other developers can pull it easily.
  • Large developers community and online websites to upload your source codes or get others source codes to make your work easier.
  • Lots of software available for both who comfortable with command line and for others GUI tools.
  • Easy and clear documentation to get started with.
  • Git will not use much bandwidth you don’t have to connect with your server always you just need to connect to push code when you complete the code.







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