Revenue Model of a Doctor on Demand Application

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Why does Patient require Doctor on demand Apps?

  • Unavailability of doctors in nearby locations
  • Germ-free wait time and long travel time
  • Availability of doctors for disabled and elderly for 24/7
  • Challenging monitoring and data of patient.
  • Accessibility to expert doctor’s

Why does physician/Doctor’s require Doctor on-Demand Apps?

  • Easy and Quick access to Patients
  • Enhancing health of patient in suitable way
  • Attract retaining existing patients and new
  • Less work of administration
  • Flexibility in work-life balance.

Top 5 Best Doctor’s Appointment Apps

Opportunities prevailing in health care market –

Working of Doctor’s on –Demand App

  • Registration by the doctor’s and creating their profile with appropriate expertise.
  • The team of admins verify the details of the doctor such as their qualification along with necessary documents.
  • Registration of patient through emails and creation of their profile so that the overall treatment records could be kept as history.
  • Searching of doctor based on the health issue
  • Patients could make a call, call doctor at home and schedule the appointment
  • Prescription sharing via app
  • Payments could be done online via secure gateways of payment.

Why telemedicine apps are so popular?

Revenue model for Doctor on-Demand App-

  • Content of High and Premium Quality
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Transactions
  • Data
  • Remote consulting (Service Sales)
  • Pay for downloading

Costing for Development of Doctor On Demand Apps

How Amar InfoTech- Benefit




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