Hotels Extranet system Key Features

  • Fully flexible and scalable for growing business.
  • Platform which is easier to use.
  • Manageability of rates, availability and content or information from single point of entry.
  • Connectivity of hotels to GDS, online travel agents as well as mobile booking engines.
  • Multiple distribution channels emphasized with channel manager usage.
  • Deal with Room Facilities.
  • Handle Offers, like Early bird, free nights, special discount, room upgrade, long stay, discount rates etc..
  • Take care of supplements, mandatory or optional supplements.
  • Auto email & SMS alerts for booking confirmation and verification.
  • Utilize content as per your requirement and local marketing

Number of connected channels

Number of concurrently manageable channels

Ease of connecting a new channel

Connection type

Push versus pull and push

  • Can the channel management system pull data from extranets easily and quickly?
  • If it does not pull data, how can you get an overview of your inventory and rates distributed over all extranets?
  • Consider, that if you can’t see how many room you have left on your sales channels, how do you know whether you’re visible on the channel for sales? What if your top channel sold your rooms, and you forget that you need to replenish inventory?

General Extranet functionalities

  • Rates
  • Inventory
  • Minimum Length of Stay (MLOS)
  • Stop sell (option that avoids cancelled rooms to be returned into inventory available for sales)
  • Closed to Departure/ Arrival

Advanced extranet functionality

  • Closed to Departure (COD)
  • Closed to Arrival
  • Minimum stay through
  • Per person supplement
  • Free sale
  • Breakfast option

Event management

  • How far out can you manage your inventory? Can you manage inventory as far as you have loaded inventory? Can you load new inventory and new rates for extranets that allow this specifically?
  • How many days can you manage simultaneously? Is there a limit? 3 days? A week? A month? More? The more days are managed simultaneously, the bigger the challenge to maintain system stability.
  • 25 days
  • 15 channels
  • 3 room types per channel
  • 2 rate plans per room type

Training and support

User levels and access rights

  • Can you have multiple user levels for different people or departments?
  • Can you for example create a user level that allows access to inventory management only? For example, for the front office if they need to close sales on a last minute basis?



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